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    January Skills Schedule

    January 14th:

    6:10pm - Mite (CUHL) & Squirt (NIHL-Bosse)

    7:20pm - Peewee (NIHL-Meyer) & Peewee (NIHL-Zabrinas)

    8:30pm - Bantam Major (CSDHL)


    January 21st:

    6:10pm - Mite (CUHL) & Squirt (NIHL-Bosse)

    7:20pm - Bantam (NIHL-Ladzinski) & Peewee (NIHL-Zabrinas)

    8:30pm - Bantam Minor (CSDHL)


    January 28th:

    6:10 - Mite (CUHL) & Squirt (NIHL-Gedzun)

    7:20pm - Bantam Major (CSDHL)

    8:30pm - Bantam (NIHL-Meyer) & Bantam (NIHL-Ladzinski)

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