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Online registration for the fall 2018-2019 SEASON is here!


We are pleased to announce that the 2018-2019 Registration period is open!

We are proud to present our 2018/19 Coaching Lineup...


Midget CSDHL U18 - Chad Green
Midget NIHL U16 - Mike Figus

Bantam CSDHL U14 - Chad Green
Bantam CSDHL U13 - Michael Gedzun
Bantam NIHL #1 - Brooke Meyer
Bantam NIHL #2 - Tim Ladzinski
Bantam NWHL #1 - TBA

Peewee NIHL #1 - Brooke Meyer
Peewee NIHL #2 - Jeremy Zabrinas
Peewee NWHL #1 - Tim Ladzinski

Squirt NIHL #1 - Michael Gedzun
Squirt NIHL #2 - Doug Bosse

Mite CUHL #1 - Doug Bosse

Also, this fall marks the return of the LITTLE HUSKIES!
Our coaches will be:
Chad Green
Tim Ladzinski
Michael Kestas

Monday night skills will be run by:
Chad Green and Michael Gedzun
Goaltending Instruction will be brought to you by:
Good as Gould

Finally, the Huskies will continue their affiliation with CrossIce Training.
Coaches Michael Gedzun and Brooke Meyer will be your trainers.

Thank You for choosing the Huskies!!!