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By HHC, 03/20/21, 8:30AM CDT


This season, Huskies Hockey Club is fundraising with FlipGive, a free team funding app, and we’d love your support!

Earn money off your dues with FlipGive!


Huskies Families,

Over the years we have had several ways for families to reduce their hockey fees.  I know many of you took advantage of working at either the Route 66 Racetrack or working concerts at either Toyota Park or Northerly Island to reduce your skater’s hockey fee.  However, like many other things, Covid put those types of events on hold.  Thankfully, we have found another way to reduce your fees and it doesn’t involve too much effort.  

The Huskies have partnered with FlipGive, an online platform that allows you to shop for your everyday items and reduce your fees at the same time.  FlipGive works with businesses that you use daily like Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Old Navy, and the most important store to all of us, Pure Hockey.  

Normally people tend to cringe when they think about having to fundraise.  To borrow a line from the FlipGive playbook, “Fundraising doesn’t have to suck.”   Included below is more information as to how the platform works.  In its simplest form, sign up, create your child as the Huskies player, and shop through the FlipGive app at your favorite stores.  It’s really that simple.  

We will run this platform until September 1st.  At that time, we will take the amount you have earned and reduce it from your player fees, thus lowering your total as well as your monthly payment.  Then, we will open it later that day and you can continue using It until December 15th.  At that time, we will again take your balance and reduce it from your balance.  We will then open a new FlipGive session that will allow you to start working on fees for the next Fall Season.  Here are a few things that we want to make clear about the process:

  1. All funds earned will be credited towards hockey fees.  If you leave the club, those fees do not follow you.  If you leave the club and return later, the fees are not reactivated.
  2. Fees will only be applied to FALL and not spring or summer.
  3. If you raise more than your player fee you will not get an overage check.  However, if on your last payment there is a surplus, you will have the option of taking a refund, or holding it for the next season. 
  4. For year 1 the fundraising dates will start in May and End September 1st. Followed by a September 2nd-December 15th Session.  After that we will run from December 16th-Septemebr 1st along with the same 2nd session of September 2nd-December 15th until such time where the club makes an announcement that the dates will be adjusted.  
  5. You must create and select your child as the player.  We keep track of the funds by player.