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These testimonials came from an anonymous parent survey following past hockey season.

We were unsure if hockey would be the sport that my son would enjoy. He join a team in which he did not know anyone. He quickly made friends and hockey became his entire life. He would wake up in the morning every day asking if he had practice or a game. He was upset when there were days off. He would talk about how the Coaches would tell him he did something really good. He has grown to love hockey and can't wait to get on the ice every day.
The Huskies are a well-run, community hockey program that focuses on the kids. Playing out of one rink makes it easier for us to manage as a family.
This was the first year of my son’s travel experience. What a difference from the start of the season to the end of the season. Practices really challenged the teams and they grew to make the right plays with the puck. Can’t wait for next year!
Chad does a great job being involved in all groups from elite down to bronze. He's an abundance of knowledge and I'm happy he signed an extension as hockey director.
I agree with the majority of parents from our team when I say the kids had their most enjoyable season of youth hockey. All players improved, built relationships, had a ton of fun and even tasted some success.
This was our first season with a Huskies hockey player. As a single mother that has limited knowledge of the sport and its requirements. I was blown away with the knowledge of development that was provided to my son throughout the season. I was hesitant to sign him up for the 2021-2022 season due to his lack of skills at such a high level of play but the improvement from the start to the end of the season was incredible. Every week he stepped on the ice it was clear to see his skills improved from the week before.
Huskies Hockey is a top-notch youth hockey development organization. Well-run, excellent coaching, and a belief in developing skaters to learn the game the right way.
Huskies is a great organization. Concentrating on the development of players at all times.
Transferring to the Huskies was the best and most positive experience we could give our son. His development in one season has been tremendous and we look forward to another season with the Huskies and watching our son grow into a more advanced and smart hockey player!
We had a great experience for the first time in travel. My son’s team was like a family.
Playing for the Huskies really upped the game and skills for my son. We should have made the switch years ago!
I appreciate the fact that the teams practice across skill levels. It gives all players an opportunity to increase their competitive nature.
Not only on my son’s teams, but throughout the entire Huskies club, the families support each other. It's truly a positive experience for the whole family!
This was my son’s first year in travel hockey. The coaching my son received during the 2021-2022 season took him from novice to a competitive player. I have witnessed during clinics, practices, and games the Huskies coaches get down to my son’s level and explain and demonstrate to him what to do, and how to make the play. All I see is my son smiling when on the ice. We made the right choice joining the Huskies organization.
The Huskies Hockey Club offers a higher intensity program with more ice time than any other non-triple AAA club in the area.
Being a goalie parent it is hard to get good goalie coaching from a program, and you almost always have to seek private lessons outside of your club. However, the Huskies do a great job developing their goalies by investing in great goalie coaches that are available to your kids all season long. Great Job Huskies!
The Huskies allowed my son to not only grow as a Hockey player but as a person.
We have been with the Huskies for many years and their player development is second to none. We also appreciate the rink location and set practice times.
Great coaching staff, challenging our kids each time they are on the ice, great facility. We will stay with Huskies as long as our son wants to keep playing. Thank you Huskies!
The Huskies Hockey Club is a welcoming program that not only elevated the skill of our player but made him fall in love with hockey all over again after leaving a program that was only concerned about their top teams.
Having been with the Huskies for several years, I have never seen our club in a stronger situation. We have the right leadership, coaches, and attitudes to start making some noise. Most of the clubs around are relying on their successes from past years and the Huskies are looking to the future.
Huskies offered normalcy and strength in a time of great disruption and uncertainty. Thanks for steadying the ship!
We moved from another club that didn’t help the lower teams, but at the Huskies, you get the same training no matter what level your kid is.
Our son has played for the Huskies from the start. The reason he has is because of how well the organization is run. As a parent, hockey is expensive and we want to make sure we are getting value for our money. We have seen our son develop strong skills and great friendships along the way. We too have made some great friends through the Huskies that we will have for a very long time. The coaching staff is very good at keeping the players focused on having a passion for the game. The Huskies provide the tools, our child has to just learn how to use them.
My son had a great year developing as a successful hockey player. A huge part of that was due to his coach. He was positive, encouraging, and offered opportunities for all of his players.
We find the club to be almost like a family environment. It doesn’t matter what team your kid is on, the kids always seem to pull for each other as do the parents. Coming from a club where that was definitely not the case, it’s very great to see.